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Let's Generate 6 Figures Together on "OUR" Next Launch!

Let's Be Launch Partners and Let's Launch A Product Together, However, I'll be doing everything For You! 

No, I don't want you creating everything for me. Even though I know It will save me MONEY and TIME!

What is PassionFuze Launch Pro Exactly? 

Working with Passionfuze Launch Pro, I am committed to providing the essential parts of product creation and launch .  This includes creating the sales pages, copywriting, designing the VSLs and members area, as well as setting up JV pages and affiliate documents while also setting up the launch on Warrior+.

Furthermore, I will take responsibility for the payment processor and attracting affiliates.

To ensure success during this process, I will produce tutorials and training elements on my own initiative while also drawing on existing personal contacts so that you can reap the rewards quickly.

It is my passion to create products that are successful together with clients, forming a 50/50 partnership which splits profits equally between us.  

This is the perfect way to guarantee a successful product launch. Additionally, I will also be taking care of the payment processor and affiliates recruitment to make sure that your launch goes as smoothly as possible.

My passion and expertise in this field guarantee my effectiveness in helping you build a proper product backed by both your knowledge and passion and my own personal connections.

When you join PassionFuze Launch Pro You Get :

  • DFY Product Setup Full Funnel (up to 3 upsells)  - I'll be adding the product under my account for guaranteed approval. 

  • DFY Sales Page Copywriting - I'll be creating your sales copy for the whole funnel. 

  • DFY Sales Pages , upsells, Jv pages - I'll be creating your funnel including the sales pages, upsell pages, thank you pages, jv pages.   

  • DFY VSL Script Writing + Recording - I will help you create a compelling video sales letter for your product launch.  I will personally create your own sales page vsl just like i have done in all my successful launches.  It will save you money and time.  

  • DFY Logo Creation - Get a custom logo designed for your product launch to help you stand out from the competition.

  • DFY JV Pages - Get professionally designed pages to help you promote your product launch. 

  • DFY JVDocs - Get professionally written documentation to help you get the most out of your product launch.

  • DFY Design - I'll be creating your sales page designs and graphics.

  • Members Area Creation - I'll be creating and adding the product in "our"members area.  

  • DFY Training - I'll be creating the training materials for "our" product to help you get the most out of your product launch for your customers and subscribers.

  • DFY Tutorials - I'll be creating the tutorials to help your subscribers or customers get around your product or members area. 

  • Coaching Calls - Get 4 one-on-one coaching calls personally with me for the whole launch process together  to help you learn how to optimize your product launch.

  • DFY Support - Get access to our support team for any questions or issues you have about your product launch

  • DFY Merchant Accounts - I'll be taking care of the payment processors. 

  • DFY Retargetting Service - Get my already existing traffic on your/ our launches, for even more sales.  

  • Contest Money -  I will be covering the FULL Amount of Contest Money for the launch from my own pocket. (affiliate incentive) 

  • Super Affiliate Support - Get access and support from my super affiliate

  • TOTAL VALUE: $1,997

    TODAY ONLY $497 (one time off) 

    No, I don't want you creating everything for me. Even though I know It will save me MONEY and TIME!

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